Sunday, August 5, 2012

when it rains it pours and currently

When it rains it pours is something my Grandma always said to my Mom and of course my Mom always said to me.  I don't know if it is a southern thing or not but that saying is perfect for describing my life the last two weeks!  If I told ya'll everything that has been going on at my house you wouldn't believe it...really!  Just with my computer alone it's been unreal!  First, two weeks ago my computer cord fried and I had to wait to get a new one.  Next, the computer wireless card went out and I've had no wireless.  But it was ok because that was an easy fix!  NOT!!! The day after I "fixed" my wireless the entire wireless/internet system went out in my neighborhood then in just my house!  How does that even happen???  Now I have to wait on a new router to make it to my house and hopefully that will fix the problem.  Luckily they have wireless at my daughter's cheer place or else who knows when I'd be able to post.  Who knows when I'll be able to again either :(    The thing I miss the most though is reading everyone else's blogs.  I didn't realize how much I enjoyed doing that until I couldn't.  I do have an iphone but it isn't the same.  Plus, I can't see on that little screen!  Not to mention Blogger doesn't really work on my iphone.  I try to reply to people but it won't let me type!!  aaarrrrgggg!  It's so frustrating!

I am happy to say that because of the lack of internet services, I've been able to do lots of school work.  I've got my new word wall made, my Mrs. Mach is reading... poster and a new sight word initiative program for my kiddos.  Now I am working on math fact fluency (one of my weak areas).  I have also printed tons of the things that I've bought and downloaded over the summer.  So I guess (and here's another saying my parents always used) every cloud has a silver lining!  I'm wishing I had one of those little scotch laminators though!  That would really make my time useful. Hmmmm....maybe that might be something that I'll buy myself for my quickly approaching birthday!  I was able to join in with Farley and her "currently" for the beginning of the month!

Oh' boy fourth grade

My explanation...
1. sitting here in a nice, air-conditioned lobby while my daughter has cheer practice.  Yes, on Sunday...I know it's a bit hard core but they are a really good team and it's the only thing she really ever asks to do.  Only thing booty is KILLING ME!  they have bleacher style seats here...yes BLEACHER STYLE!  I need one of those cushion type seats.  I need to visit Academy soooooon!

2. Yesterday I became that crazy cleaning Mom.  I get into these moods every now and then. My girls know it...because it is usually preceeded by the "panic"ed but pissed screaming RANT that I go into about how horrible the house is and that CPS would take away the bitties (what we call our little bittie babies) if they came in and that no one in our house has any pride and no one must love me because they wouldn't do this to me if they did...They don't even say anything anymore.  They just grabbed the cleaning stuff and went away to their "places"!  We cleaned every inch of the house.  I did loose steam though and still need to organize my and the little bitties closets.  I love the fact that I got to watch whatever I wanted on TV and everything was nice and clean.  A total guilt free evening of TV watching.  So of course, I was asleep by 8 pm.  No TV watching for me :( hahahaha

3.  Do I even need to elaborate on this? We are all feeling this one huh?  Only thing is that I am so ADHD that I really struggle with this.  I make lists.  I have a work space at home. I even made a binder that houses my ideas and projects that I want to do.  Still no good :/

4.  My littlest bittie (4 months old today!) is NO. WHERE. NEAR. sleeping through the night.  She goes down about 7 pm and wakes up every 3 hours...all night long!  I am super exhausted but it's ok because no work right now.  Fast forward 3 weeks and it's going to be a big problem.  I'm hoping cereal will help!  The only thing is that she was a premie and I don't want to do anything that will mess with her sweet systems!  So prayers for the doctors appointment tomorrow!

5.  When I was a little girl I always looked forward to back to school.  I loved it as a matter of fact!  I couldn't wait to get my school supplies and my new shoes and my lunch box and my school clothes!   My girls on the other hand...not so much!  They are too busy to go with Mom shopping! Oh no!  But come August 15 they are going to start freaking out!  I think that I am going to shop for myself this week so when the "time" comes I'll not have me to worry about!

6.  I carry books, papers, calendars, lists, post its everywhere I go so this year I made a teacher binder that I saw on pinterest.  I love it and I'm hoping I'll be more organized this year.  Magnetic tape is my life saver!  I put it on just about everything and my room becomes interactive for the kids.  and Diet Coke??!!!! Must. Have. Many. Everyday!!!!

Ya'll have a great week.  Hopefully my Internet will be fixed soon and I'll get back to life as I knew it!

Keep coming Back
"If it weren't for bad luck I'd had no luck at all! Doom, despair, and agony on me!"


  1. I love magnetic tape--velcro is also one of my favorites!

  2. Well, at least you have an excuse for not posting. I, on the other hand, do not. I have been so busy trying to get my room done that I am too tried in the evening to post anything. We start school next Wednesday, Aug. 15. I am very excited. I will probably be posting on Monday about my classroom. I am hoping to be done then. I am not much into magnetic tape. My love is the command hooks. I use them everywhere in my room.

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

  3. Wow! Teaching, blogging, and raising a new born?!! You are super woman. I found your sweet and nominated you for the Liebster Award. Hop over to check it out.

    Cruz'n in First

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