Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ain't it funny how time slips away

Well this weekend it has been one thing after another at my house and all of them have decreased my ability to (1) sleep, (2) focus and (3) GET ON MY COMPUTER!!!  First of all, everyone (including me) is sick at my house.  I have no idea how it happened.  All the kids are home with me not at daycare!!! Can't blame that.  I had to take E (my 8 week old) and little C (the 2 year old) to the doctor, yuck!  The older C and D are sick but didn't require doctors visits because I knew by the earlier visit this was a viral sickness.  Then, worst of all, my hubby came home with it.  Now, I don't know about you all but my hubs having a sickness is way worse than all 4 kids combined practically.  He is the worse kinda sick person.  He heaves and hoes and complains and so on... Needless to say I'm exhausted and that didn't include the wedding, 2 birthday celebrations and Fathers Day!!!!  So all that to say I am sorry for not posting over the weekend. I'm still going to use the "I'm new to blogging" card to get me out of some things I do wrong!  hee hee :)  Plus, my cousin got married on Saturday and we went to that wedding.  It was nice.  An outdoor wedding underneath a beautiful, sprawling tree beside the San Jacinto Monument...until the only rain storm we will probably have this month hit!!!  Sad, but funny in a way.  They had a great sense of humor about it!  Her hubs is Scottish and he just assured her this was true Scottish weather.  Also, my Daddy and my FIL had birthday's within 3 days of each other so yesterday we had a double celebration for their birthdays and for Father's Day!  Busy, busy, busy while sick, sick, sick.  Oh well, you know how it is........

First things first...I started going through my pinterest boards to better organize all the wonderful ideas, charts, lessons, projects etc. that I want to get ready for summer and for next school year. Remember the binder from above?  It was such a great idea...I thought.  "I know" I said, "Put those ideas in a binder and you'll be ready to start those projects!!!!"

WEEEELLLLLLL...word to the wiser than me - be strong and stay focused to only work on what is on YOUR boards.  I started strong and was quite proud of myself.  But I'd find that I couldn't quite remember what the pin was about so I started clicking on links and going to other's boards.  They had new pins and I began pinning away and ended up wasting 2 hours on NEW PINNING!!!  So I am going to tackle it again this time with resolve to only look at my boards!!!!!  Or else I'll never get my ideas down.  One of the things I am working on though is my Teacher Binder for the year.  Very inspired from pinterest and blogs I follow.  I'll post as soon as I am finished.  I am trying something new which is to combine my teacher important information and student important information in one binder.  I usually keep this information in 3 separate binders.  One includes all my stuff, one for girls and one for boys information.  In the student binder I keep everything for that student under their tab.  Their information, scores on assessments, anecdotal and behavior notes, parent calls...everything.  So I don't know about going all in one book.  I think it'll work though because I am going to do something a little different with anecdotal notes this year.  I'm following Daily 5 and C.A.F.E strictly this year so I'm attempting a pensive.

Speaking of D5, remember that the daily 5 book study is still going on.  check out Mel D's blog Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations to get the schedule for 1st and 3rd grade.  The following is who I follow for 2nd grade.  Check out teaching with style.  She will do the second chapter too then we fill hop over to someone new the following week!!

One of the people I follow on pinterest is Tonya from tonya's treats for teachers3.html.  She has the most incredible ideas.  I've followed her on pro-teacher, when she started her website, and now in blogland and on pinterest.  You must go over and check her out! Plus she has a super cute scratch off give away! And that just so happens to be on my classroom management board from pinterest!  See...blog hopping is good for you!!!  Come on over to our side....we have cookies...or in my case...cake!  

I thought I'd share with you my newest hobby...cake decorating.  I bought my Mom a decorating course for Mother's day and I decided to take it with her.  Best. Decision. Ever!!!  I am not really creative in the crafty sense.  I can't design, sew, do crafty things, etc.  But I really enjoy scrapbooking and now cake decorating!!!  I might not be good at it but I really enjoy it.  The cake decorating was soooo  much fun.  I guess the whole idea of completing something that makes others happy is what makes it so much fun for me.  Anywho...I hope you enjoy the pictures.  My class is on Wednesday night so I'll post my new pictures from class on Thursday.  It's cupcake day!! :)  My favorite!!!  YUM! 
First cake we made.  Little C wanted the fish!
Funny about this... In order to make the fish cake, I had to cut off the tops of the two cake pieces.  I have trouble throwing anything away so, yes, I put the two tops together and made the backpack cake for Little C.  (crazy, I know...you should see me with scrapbook paper scraps)

This is the cake I made for my Daddy and FIL's birthdays.  

Have a super day!
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