Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Daily 5 book study~chapter 4

This week has just flown by and I feel like I've not really done anything that I need to do.  Gotta get this house cleaned for that birthday party this weekend.  I've tried to do a little each day so maybe I'm not as behind as I think I am...uuummmm no!  still have tons to do.  Oh well it was a thought!!  I am excited about today though...Daily 5 day!  I love reading everyone's take on D5 in their rooms.  Here's my POV on it:

Daily 5 book study

Chapter 4

This chapter is all about getting started!  Jumping in with both feet and doing it with a skill students will be successful with.  We begin with Read to Self.  I’ll tell yathe first time I read this book I thought that I wouldn’t need to do half the stuff they suggested because I was starting D5 in the middle of the year.  I thought to myself “my kids already do that or they can read for x number of minutes already.  Not gunna waste my time on that…” well I was wrong.  Don’t make the same mistakes I did.  The most important thing about D5 is that you follow it strictly as the sisters point out for you.
1st:  discuss ways to read a book.  They don’t recommend making an I chart here but I make an anchor chart here with the 3 ways. 
2ndMODEL, MODEL, MODEL and then MODEL some more.  It will pay off B-I-G!  especially with the other areas of D5. As tedious and time consuming as you might think this is, it is crucial to the success of this plan.  Also, do choose a challenging student to model the incorrect way.  It does give them purpose and they do prove that they can do it correctly.  You’ll need that as you start building staminatrust me!!!
3rdPractice.  Discuss the word stamina (they love the big word and WILL use it all the time).  Here’s another something I didn’t do that you need to do!!!!  You need to place the students around the room, for two reasons.  1) You are modeling how to choose a smart place to sit(not to closely together, not by your best friend, within view of the teacher) and 2) that they can sit in many different places and which places are ok with you for them to choose. Again I make an anchor chart that discusses good places to sit.  Also, when they are practicing you should be too.  You are to be at the reading table, staying away from them (ch.3).  No watching, no eye contact, no praise etc. You have to let them practice making decisions on their own and monitoring themselves.  SOOO HARD FOR ME!!!
4.  Check in.  this is such an important time because it allows for discussion about how the practice went and models self-reflection.  I take the time to teach this word to them because it is such an important word to me.  I use it throughout the year for just about everything, not just D5.  During check in you’ll need to reflect on how it went (using the thumb motions); check the I chart and make any adjustments, and have celebration shares.  This is huge because those kiddos that don’t share much.  They can “hear” that they are doing it right and make connections to other students that they might not normally do.  It’s also a time to discuss and handle any problems that might’ve occurred.  It also helps them to make goals for themselves during the next practice times.
The next day, Day 2 you do it all over again!!!  This time though you want to add more practice only one minute on my day 2 sessions, but then quickly increase my increments to 3 minutes, but only if they’ve been successful during the previous sessions. 

Easy, right?????  Well not so much for me.  But in my little ol’ opinionyou must do it exactly has the sisters have laid out.  Remember::: introduce, model, practice, reflect=success!!!

As I reflect on my D5 year(I’ve only done one) I must say that I know what I need to focus on to have a much more successful year.   My main focus points for myself are MODELING especially correct and incorrect, and using my check in time more effectively. 

My kiddos REALLY, REALLY loved D5 time. Like…  “When is D5 timeI’m ready to read”  My question to you is thisDo you really only add 1 minute at a time to build stamina up to 30 minutes? 

Can’t wait looking forward to Chapter 5Read to Someone.  See ya next Wednesday!!  Well, hopefully I’ll see you before then!!!  

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  1. I think you can add a couple minutes a day depending on how your students are doing. If they breeze through 5 minutes, up it to 7 or 8 the next day. if they struggle, only add 1. I think it can be a judgement call- at least that is how I plan on implenting. Hope this helps :)

    Thanks for linking up!
    tattling to the teacher

    1. Yes Laura I agree with you and that is exactly what I plan on doing this year!!

  2. Yes! That hands off approach during the independent time makes me terribly stressed. :) Staying out of their way is what I know is good for them, but there's always that need to intervene. I do like how, as part of the process, as soon as someone is not on task, the time is stopped and the strategy is reflected upon before doing it again.
    In my opinion, which is limited since I'm so new to the D5, but couldn't you add a couple more minutes each day as long as they are capable? As soon as you see someone is having a hard time, you would just stop and regroup?
    I've some questions that I posted on my blog for those who have already implemented. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    1. thanks Kimberly! I am feeling better and better about this! I'm headed to your blog right now!!!

  3. Terrific thoughts! I've wondered the same thing about stamina myself. Personally I like to give it more time. I totally get that you don't want kids to practice bad behaviors, but is it fair to the class to limit their reading to 3 minutes because 1 or 2 students need extra help with it? I'm more inclined to work closely with those students to boost their time while the rest read. I am a second grade teacher. In first grade I understand that 3 minutes might be all you can get in the beginning.

    1. Anne, I get your point about the class vs. a few...I've never thought about D5 in that light. I mean, I definitely pay close attention to individuals in instruction but D5? something to think about! I am second too and as I reflected about this in my class year before last I realized that I did add about 3 minutes each practice. My kids could handle it so that's what we did!

  4. I think as a teacher, you will know when you can add more time. If the students don't want to put down their books when the timer beeps, you can up the amount. I love your blog, and became one of your newest followers. I would love to have you come by and visit mine!

    1. I agree with you about the time. As I reflect back I remembered that once they (my 2nd graders) got the idea of RtoS, we were about to increase time more quickly. I guess I am sort of a rule follower and deep down I feel like I am "breaking the rules". I know...weird huh? I am going to just follow the class and what they need though. Headed to your blog today!!!